What to expect during the couple session…

So hi! You are going for the session (yay!). Here is what will happen:


These sessions are usually at my place -my neighbours apartment I rent for sessions that is decorated with simple white background and a black wall. Or at a hotel. Depends on your needs. If you really want to have a session where you guys end in a shower, then splurge on a hotel.

What To Wear:

Both: Full going out on a date outfit, this could be as formal and as casual as you like. It is nice to have a tie to play with and button shirt that you can undo slowly for photos. Also, a dress that has a zipper or buttons help. Think about the undressing part.

For him: Keep the underwear simple, nothing too loud or too much pattern. Black or white underwear is always good. Bring a couple of options just in case.

For her: Bring at least two full lingerie outfits. One that has stockings as part of the ensemble looks awesome under the dress. Another that you love.


Wax at least two days before to avoid sensitivity. If spray tanning, use the smallest underwear possible and go topless. A manicure and pedicure is a great idea- red or pink photographs really well.

For men, shave earlier in the day, and if you have closed beard and prefer to be clean shaven you can shave while we are getting ready. I truly don’t think men need to shave all over, but trim groin area and shave other parts like the back or chest only if you like the way it looks and feels comfortable.

Getting Ready:

For her: I can help with hair taming or add a wave with long hair. It is nice to have your hair done the day before so as not to look too done.

I do a full makeup application with fake eyelashes. They look great on the photos. Usually is a soft smokey eye to make eyes pop, and some gloss since the lipstick doesn’t last long. If you like red lips for the initial part of the session, we can use a tint to darken and an easy to take off lipstick. (bring your mascara and foundation if you want your makeup done)

While we are getting ready, feel free to have a drink and usually we send the man away so we can have the privacy of getting ready. This is a great time to show me photos you’ve saved for inspiration. So we can chat on when to do these.


We can do some solo shots before the couple ones, but it is nice to start fully dressed. In this type of shoot, it is nice to have sort of a story line, like arriving at the hotel, making out in the elevator or hallway and then the undressing.