Frequently asked questions – updated Nov 2018

For safety reasons, I’d like to meet the couple first, or at least do a video conference call with the couple. A recent photo will be needed as well prior to finalizing the booking.

What do you mean by erotic photos?

For women: sex toys, totally nude photos, “masturbation” photos, think penthouse.

For couples: the whole thing. First is a boudoir session with her, then get fully clothed so you can take each other clothes, the kissing, making out, undressing and if desired, full intercourse.

Do you do men by themselves?

After several weird emails, I don’t. BUT now Scarlett does! She will do a session with you at our place only, please bring your own towel. Please note this is for photography only, no funny business. Usually, me or my husband would be in the other room for security purposes.  View the details of cost and what is included here.

Do you join in?

Yeah no. I don’t. I take the photos.

It’s the same when I shoot women by themselves, no I do not hold the vibrator or use your toys on you. (I think this question was from a guy pretending to be a girl, but I will never know.)

Do you wear a special sexy outfit?


Are you single?

No. Common-law husband of almost 10 years. Looks like Patrick Swayze with better hair.

Does your husband mind?

Not really, he trusts me, I just joke about how many penises I have seen since we have been together, way more than when I was single that is for sure.

Do you talk/describe/chastise during the shoot?

No. I direct a little bit. Before the session starts we talk through must have shots that you both would like. Having samples help. I might chirp in a time or two but mostly I let you guys go at it. I do not follow scripts.

Can you convince my wife/husband to do x ?

No. During our conversations, we talk about what both of you expect from the shoot. I am not here to convince someone to try something new during the shoot. I always ask if everything is ok, and everybody is comfortable.

Do you get turned on?

Gosh, hmm, no. I have a very specific type of man I find attractive and seldom clients look like the vampire lover I created in my head.  While I do appreciate the beauty of the female and male body, I am there to capture a scene for posterity, not to fulfil some “porn” fantasy where the photographer can’t control themselves when the model starts getting naked. For me, it’s a job.

Inside my brain: “Oh, the light hits nice here”  “Let me move this way so I get a better angle” “Darn it, that chair is on my way!” “Oh no double chin, delete” “How many pictures have a taken?” “Ok, change the position now!”  True story.

I told this to a recent client, and because she is an aesthetician and does bikini waxes she gets asked the same thing. We laughed.

Where are these shoots done?

80% of them at hotels downtown Toronto. Easy for me to get to from my place. My place is available to shoot as well, it is all white. Others have been done at people’s homes after meeting in person.  And lastly on location. I am invited to come along for a day at a sunny destination and I don’t mind as long I get an extra night to enjoy it.

Are the photos in your gallery models?

or did you steal them from the internet 🙂 NO! these are real couples that I have shot. I wish I could show you more but I edit the faces out. And they are saved for web and watermarked just in case they ever end up somewhere else.

What is your privacy policy?

I will never show faces and tattoos and recognizable scars will be deleted. Lips and face shapes are often distorted. Package for couples include the memory card so I get no pictures unless they are sent to me. Your privacy is very important to me.

Do you travel?

Yes, have passport will travel. I travel constantly between Mexico, Canada and the States. Travel fee is airfare plus two-night hotel and/or $300 fee (for cabs, meals) if I go the same day. Or just come to Toronto for the weekend, it is a nice place to visit. People have travelled from New York, Chicago and Detroit to have their session done.

Why did you separate boudoir and erotic photo services?

It has been overlapping for a while, but wanted to have a site that will have all the info and the gallery for a mature audience.

Do you provide models/escorts for certain 3 way scenes?

No, the couple is responsible for hiring models or escorts. The model must sign a photography release for the couple. So make sure she/he is comfortable with pictures being taken for your private use and my presence.

What are your limits?

No scenes of incest, violence or rape. Blood and body waste *. Or animals.
*Ejaculation is ok and expected 🙂 by waste I mean pee and all that jazz.

Do men (or women) get nervous “performing”?

Yes, and it’s normal. We girls have to show up and look pretty. Guys have to do all the work. We start with posed pictures and then we can see how everybody is feeling. About 1 in 4 couples just do the “pretend” sex photos and those are sexy too.

What kind of couples have these shoots?

To be honest there is no type. The only thing they have in common is a long-term committed relationship.  It’s a great anniversary gift.

Can we send you our naked pictures for reference?

One dressed is enough, maybe even a sexy selfie. I do need a real photo of the two of you, like a facebook one, to make sure you are both real. I really don’t need 5 sexy dick pics. Not even for judging the photogenic aspects of the penis. Also, the photos are needed when we are discussing dates and you have paid a deposit, not needed if you are just sending me ideas or things I might like.

Have you read 50 shades of gray!

For research purposes. I honestly have read way better books. I didn’t like the female lead. Who is in university and that naive these days? Great soundtrack though!

Hey, you haven’t replied back? Where are you? 

I usually try to respond within 24 hours, but if you send me emails during my busy time – weekends, or vacation time –  I might take longer. BUT if we are corresponding and I haven’t replied it is because you said something or did something that made my weirdo alarm go off and I am not responding because of it.

Weird things include the samples above – but usually the most common are pretending to be the wife, or sending me photos without me asking.


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