Celeste is the alter ego of a boudoir photographer who decided to take sexy photography to the next level. It went from rated PG-13 to XXX while maintaining a classy – female perspective to erotic pictures.

My main goal is to make everybody feel comfortable enough to forget that I am there and provide images that will capture sexy moments that you can relive time and time again.

PG Site: MarlenJames.com

Since November 2013, I joined forces with Scarlette – a versatile professional photographer and videographer.

Erotic images can stimulate the senses. Why not also capture their blissful movements?

“It began with capturing seduction in a still moment. From then on, the idea of recording movement on film became both a pleasure and an art. I bet you’ve always wondered what it is like to view yourself from an outsider’s perspective – to film the sway of your hips, the motion of your fingers and limbs, in their most natural and exotic essence. I can help you there. Any angle and gesture, simply direct me and I will be at your service.”

– Scarlette

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