So why not have your own.

A while back it was polaroids. Then every phone has a camera now. You know you have taken some naughty pictures at one time or another and praying they will never end up on the internet. Or you just simply enjoy being the star of your own “penthouse sex shoot”. 

A professional photography session will provide you with amazing shots, and a journalistic style shoot while looking for your best angles. If you have ever left the camera on to film you or with a self-timer, it's time to step it up a notch.

Erotic Photography for  Women, Men, and  Couples in Toronto, Ontario by Female Photographers. Will travel :)

NEW- Erotic shoot for Men - Scarlett shoots

Some of the options include photography, video and web hosting.

Over 21 only, please.

Work copyright by Erotic by Celeste (a.k.a Marlen James .)  and  Scarlett 

Document a sexual encounter. From fully clothed so you can take each other clothes, the kissing, making out, undressing and if desired, full intercourse.

For women: sex toys, totally nude photos, “masturbation” photos, think penthouse. One step above the traditional boudoir.

For men: strip tease, totally nude photos, masturbation photos. Document self-love.


Mini Escort Session

* 45 min session – 1 outfit * 7 fully edited images with pPlayboystyle retouching – smooth skin, tucking, cropping, and distortion for privacy if needed. Removal of tattoos and scars. * Confidentiality agreement and photographer release. *On location extra FULL NUDITY but no Masturbation scene.


SOLO Package
*2 hr session – 3 outfits * Makeup *30 High res images * 60 high quality web size images colour processed (could be used) * High end retouching for 25 images (skin, scars, tattoos, sculpting) * Confidentiality agreement and photographer release. FULL NUDITY and Masturbation scene


Private Affair Package
* It includes me 2 to 3 hours with my portable lighting and equipment. * Travel to location within Downtown Toronto. * Makeup for one person* All the images (JPG) on a (8G) SD memory card. * Retouch up to 40 files * Confidentiality agreement and photographer release.